What's Metavill?

The Social Entertainment & Defi Platform
METAVILL is a Social Entertainment & Defi Platform, which allows users to connect with each other through Live Broadcasting, Video Creative NFT, and earn from any activities: Live to earn, watch to earn, engage to earn,... and free-2-play.
Metavill fills in the intersection of the three trends: social media entertainment, community platform & crypto.
Metavill solves the asymmetric economic benefit between creator, viewer, brand & platform. Metavill adopts the next-gen of the Defi 2.0 tokenized economy & the transparency of blockchain on a friendly mobile application.

1. The working model of virtual gifting & minigame are the mainstream of revenue

Metavill empowers the creator with the stable livestream & beauty filter services, which help them to receive more virtual gifts. more info...​

2. Gen Z: Leverage short form videos

The short-form videos makes a tremedous change in such a mobile first market like APAC. Metavill with the strengh of acquiring 400-600 new creators per months could easily supply thousands hour of content every month. The creators gain more benefit from our gamification & the tokenized incentive. more info...​

3. The mass adoption of crypto mechanics

Metavill massively create million of new crypto users by activating their wallet, which store their collectible NFTs minted by their idol. Moreover, the crypto mechanism gives users chain to own token, & entering the financial game that millions of user in SEA has joined. more info...​

4. The effective NFT Marketplace

Creators can easily mints NFTs from their short form creative videos, then sell on our Marketplace. The more engagements the video has, the more reward that the owner receive. So it’s not only the collective NFTs for users, but also the profitable investment on Creative NFTs. more info...​
Last modified 4mo ago